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Kilos of Coins Campaign
     Our Kilos of Coins Campaign has now been retired.
    Our Kilos of Coins Campaign originated in the fall of 2010 and started with the participation of several schools located in Renfrew and the immediate vicinity:  Renfrew Collegiate Institute, St. Joseph's High School, Queen Elizabeth School, St. Thomas The Apostle School, Our Lady of Fatima School, Admaston Public School and The Christian School.

     The idea was to see how many pounds / kilos of spare change we could collect.  The official weigh-in took place at our 2010 Telethon on an industrial scale furnished by Scott's Hardware.

     It seems that the general public also embraced this campaign and brought coins by the kilos to the telethon and also dropped them off at the Sunshine Coach Offices.  As a result, we managed to collect a whopping 183 pounds or 83.2 kilos of coins at the telethon.  In addition, following the telethon more donations arrived at our offices.  After all was said and done, the coins were counted and rolled resulting in an impressive $1355.06 being added to the telethon total.

    Our Kilos of Coins Campaign for 2011 much to our delight, managed to better last year's total in all categories.  We managed to collect 213 pounds or 96.8 kilos of coins which translated into a total of $1426.44.

   Our Kilos of Coins Campaign for 2012 weighed-in at an impressive 257 lbs / 116.82 kilos.  The final total amount raised was $1442.67.

  Our Kilos of Coins Campaign for 2013 weighed-in at a respectable (for the post-pennies era) 157 lbs / 71.36 kilos.  The final total amount raised was $1,408.45.

  Our Kilos of Coins Campaign for 2014 weighed-in at an impressive 128 lbs / 58.2 kilos.  The final total amount raised was $1,185.66.

  Our Kilos of Coins Campaign for 2015 weighed-in at 143.5 lbs / 65.2 kilos.  The final record-breaking total amount raised was $1,886.72.
     All of the money raised goes directly towards ensuring that the Sunshine Coach Service remains viable and that our fares are kept affordable for everyone who needs the service on a daily basis to ensure maximum accessibility to everything that our great community has to offer.

     Watch for our distinctive cans to appear in selected locations around the Town of Renfrew and the surrounding area as we set out to break the impressive record set in our initial Kilos of Coins campaigns.  Clean out those wells in your vehicle where coins always seem to collect, turn over your couch seat cushions, toss the coins from your pockets into a coffee can all through the year but especially the month of October.  However you do it, by all means come on out to the Raqdiothon and weigh-in.