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Ride the Bus Campaign for Sunshine Coach

The Ride the Bus Campaign has achieved the goal of raising matching funds under the PTIF program.  We hope to have our new bus on the streets of Renfrew and the surrounding area, meeting the need for group outings requiring acessible transportation.  Congratulations to everyone who supported this campaign and made this venture such a success.

The Ride the Bus Campaign has the goal of raising funds in order to acquire a new accessible small bus to replace the current bus in the Sunshine Coach fleet. The current bus is eleven years old and although has served us well, is approaching the end of its usable life cycle.  Our bus is incredibly important in providing group outing capability to local Long Term Care Facilities, Schools and Churches.  Our bus has a capacity to transport ten (10) ambulatory clients together with four (4) wheelchair clients.

Our bus is seen at every kind of community event and is critical in assisting our fellow citizens who are living with disabilities that create transportation barriers in their lives, to paticipate in activities that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

Please help us raise the funds necessary to acquire a new bus and help keep everything that our great community has to offer within the reach of every citizen.
We encourage you to watch this space for information concerning fund raising events that will be held in support of our Ride the Bus Campaign.  Please check back frequently as we will be updating this page whenever we have news.  Also you can monitor the percentage of our goal that has been attained to date as demonstrated by the graphic that appears to the right. 

We are pleased to announce that every dollar raised by our Ride the Bus Campaign will be matched by the Government of Canada / Province of Ontario under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).  This fund provides grants that will support the acquisition of accessible vehicles, including a new accessible bus, that will ensure our fleet continues to have the necessary capacity to service the transportation needs of our clients moving forward into the future.